new years intentions + 3 favourite goal setting resources

In 2017 I needed to step back from this space. It is really important to me and my family that this blog space and my shop – my small business as a whole – works around my family and not my family work around it. That meant, that for the second half of 2017 I needed to step back and focus on a few other areas for a while. Thanks for sticking around.


Something I have been reflecting on is my need for everything to be perfect before stepping out and taking action. I was spending so much of my time thinking of the perfect blog post, framing the perfect photograph or developing the perfect product over in my shop but never actually doing any of it. I would often find myself paralysed by the perfection in my mind and then overthinking the content or instagram post I wanted to share.

I found myself searching for the perfect business plan, the perfect photo or product ideas that would make everything click and be easy to do. But in doing so I was constantly adding to my to do list. All these “solutions” were more things to do and more things on my plate. I had the realisation recently that I don’t need the perfect blog planner or perfectly scheduled posts to share. I needed to simplify and edit out all these extras and get back to the simple things that I like to do.

Simplifying all the things (more on that another day) has already had an impact on how my days run, how much I get done and most importantly for me, how much time I spend engaged with my kids. Simplifying is a big part of my intentions moving forward for 2018.

In setting my intentions for 2018 I took some time and followed Allie Casazza’s process. I really loved it and I even did it on my phone (I am totally a paper and pen gal) so that I could edit it all and refer back easily. I’m not going to walk through the entire process- head over to her post to see how she does it, but I did want to quickly share my New Years Intentions and some action steps I am putting in place to achieve them.

New Years Intentions

  1. Developing a closer relationship with Jesus – my faith and belief system is super important to me :).
    • find a daily devotional to use
    • take notes during church to use during small groups
    • pray alone and with Adam
  2. Prioritising my health and creating a new normal
    • meal planning and food prep each week
    • better portion control – buy new dinner plates
    • set HIIT workout days M + W + F
    • set walking days T +Th + Sa
  3. Wife-ing + Mothering + Friending well
    • simplifying the dailies
    • date night a month
    • sticking to time allowances in other areas.
  4. Serving in Church + Community well and with intention
    • planning ahead – a quarter year at a time
    • setting aside time each week to complete tasks – W + F
    • being clear with boundaries and sticking to time limits
  5. Creating in my small business + streamlining my processes
    • planning a quarter year at a time
    • not overthinking content
    • streamline tasks – bulk writing, photography, sewing and social media content days
    • being clear with my boundaries + sticking to time limits


To sign off, I wanted to share three of my favourite goal setting + intentional + simple  living resources. Reading and following along with these ladies via instagram and their blogs has really encouraged me in recent times.

I followed Allie’s intention setting process this year and I really loved it.

I love coming back to Nancy’s goal setting each year and then monthly. I love how she sets out her goals and her reflections this year are similar to mine

And lastly some fantastic posts on simplifying by Emily Ley – find them Part 1 : Home, Part 2: Your SchedulePart 3: Your Routines and Part 4: Your Heart.

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