storing jewelry + accessories

I adore the personality that a fun scarf or chunky necklace can add to a simple outfit. I am the sort of person that tends to forget about things if I can’t see them or they are hidden.  So keeping things in view and organised is really important to me. I have quite a collection of jewelry and accessories and I wanted to pop into today to share how I currently store and display these things.

storing jewelry 1.png

I keep all my jewelry in the same area. This makes it really easy to look and assess what I want to wear that day. I can see it all at once.

The top drawer of my dresser holds most of my jewelry. There are bracelets, watches and brooches. Belts and jewelry cleaning cloths also are here as well my great grandmothers jewelry box – which contains sentimental pieces – as well as travel cases.


On top of the dresser is a few simple dishes that contain all of my earrings. I used to have many many long and dangly earrings (I loved hanging them on the edges of pretty glassware) but since having children I haven’t liked wearing them so much.


Nearby I have a hanger (actually a belt and tie hanger from target) that holds all of my necklaces. I tend to choose by colour so thats how I sort them.


Over the dresser and anchoring this area is a large circular mirror. This wall also has a place to store some hats, a favourite print as well as hook that holds recent purchases or an outfit for the next day.


Larger handbags are stored near the top of my wardrobe, with other (smaller) bags inside them.


All my clutches and smaller shoulder bags fit nicely in this basket. Quick tip – when I had a nappy/diaper bag to carry, I would keep my essentials in a small clutch – wallet, phone, lip balm etc – within the nappy bag. That way if I needed to drop my boys at daycare or creche I could simply grab my clutch out and go and not have both a nappy bag and a handbag to hold.


Finally I store all my scarves on an over the door towel rack. It has three bars and I can just loop each scarf over it to secure it. It keeps them mostly visible and available.


So tell me how do you store and organize your accessories? Do you forget about things if you can’t see them too?

storing jewelry 2.png


ps See eight of my favorite ways to tie a scarf ,  read how I stay organized with kids or some creative ways I mend my clothes 

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