preparing for winter : autumn cleaning

I sit at my desk writing this and the seasons are visibly changing before my eyes. Two huge deciduous trees that we have in our backyard have dropped nearly all of their leaves. The strong cold breeze pulls more off as the sun climbs overhead, giving the illusion of warmth, but extra layers and warmth are needed to venture outside.


Preparing for Winter (1)

I enjoy the changing seasons. I find the rhythm and routines that each season brings comforting. I like that we slow down a little in winter and treasure the warmth of indoors.

Before the colder and wetter days of winter really set in I have several home keeping and maintenance tasks that I like to get through to prepare for the colder weather. I find myself trying to get most of these tasks done by the end of April – but some often spill over into May.  Today I wanted to share my “autumn cleaning” list with you. I find that there is often a focus on “Spring cleaning”  but very little is said about preparing for winter.

Many of these tasks are specific to our older weatherboard home. Some of these may be different or not apply at all if you live in a newer home or brick dwelling. This is what i like to do and really works well for me and my family. It might be a great starting off point for you too.


In every room

  • dust for cobwebs / wipe walls, baseboards and frames
  • open and clean heating vents / close and clean cooling vents
  • move all furniture and vacuum thoroughly underneath/mop also if applicable
  • clean and put away portable fans / get out portable heaters
  • clean windows / wipe blinds/clean window furnishings
  • declutter obvious items (decluttering is not a focus here though)


  • pull out winter clothes / jackets / shoes / accessories
  • check kids and adult clothing for sizing / wear and tear – change or purchase where necessary
  • wash / mend / store summer clothing

Bedding + Linens

  • swap out lighter weight summer bedding to heavier winter bedding
  • wash all doona inserts and mattress protectors / store summer weight versions
  • pull out winter throw rugs and pillows
  • store all beach / pool towels and blankets

Outside + Miscellaneous

  • tidy shed and store summer toys and outdoor gear
  • tidy back porch and put all furniture undercover
  • pull out clothes horses for winter drying indoors
  • pull out door snakes / draft stoppers (big problem in our older home)
  • deep clean washer and dryer

I dont think I have forgotten anything this time. Again these are the things that I like to do. I often schedule these during the weekend when my husband is home or add a couple to my weekly cleaning routine for a few weeks of the month. My spring cleaning list is quite similar of course but in reverse.

I would love to hear what tasks you like to get done before the wetter and colder weather sets in? Do you do a little winter prep? Do you think you might add a thing or two to your list now?

Preparing for Winter


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