currently : an update

a collection of things that I am loving, using, listening too and doing recently.

currently (2)

spending lots of time recently getting and being quiet. I found that I needed to strip back and let go of a few things (ahem blogging, making, social media) for a little while so that I could dive deep into prayer and contemplation. My faith is not something that I speak of often in this space, not because it’s of lesser importance but more so because it does not relate in a really practical way to organising and cleaning. 😉

reading a few books towards my goal of 26 for the year. I hope to do a little review of the ones I have read so far soon.

excited by my eldest son starting kindergarten this year.

eating salmon salad nearly every day for lunch. I make a salad base with mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion and capers. Add a mayo dressing and place a freshly fried fillet of salmon on top. I fork the fillet to separate and mix it all together. Yummy!

still working on gaining health. I have been reading and learning heaps over the past few years. I think I might write about my journey and thoughts in the future.

busy with activities and programs that have started up now that school is back in full swing.

working on reopening the shop very soon.

happily updating and refreshing my branding a bit and really trying to hone in on what I hope to focus on under the alice + meeka banner.

I have been away from this public space for a little while now. Unintentionally so, but I think it was needed. In the beginning of my new shop, blog and facebook adventure I was excited and running on that energy and as can happen, I swung to far into work, doing, making and blogging. Having a few months off has allowed me to swing back firmly into home, rest and family. Which has led me to making the choice to keep alice + meeka firmly in the hobby realm. I love what I do, I am proud of what I have done so far and I want to keep on doing it. I just need to ensure that I am doing so with balance for the other areas of my life. What will that look like? I am still working on that but probably less regular blog posts, fewer shop updates with a focus on more one off pieces and more real life sharing. 

Thanks as always for stopping by. What have you been loving lately?


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