declutter it challenge : week 3 + week 4

We are back again this week with another round of before and afters for our declutter it challenge. I am however feeling a little done with decluttering for the time being so I am going to combine this week with next weeks “week 4” and finish this series with one huge post.

As in previous weeks, I have continued to follow my decluttering plan that I mentioned way back in my big old introduction post. To keep this post reasonably succinct, I am going to share the before photo on the left and then the after on the right (or above and below if that makes more sense). Otherwise this post may end up with 55 photos in it! Opps.

Are you ready to jump in and see the before and afters of my pantry and study areas? Lets go!

A few simple fixes ended up happening in the pantry. Everything was taken out and wiped down. I rearranged the shelves whilst keeping their contents consistent. Very top shelf has extra snacks as well as bulk/extra items in it. Next shelf down has snacks and bread with extra storage behind and the bottom bit holds all condiments, flours and sugars, herbs, spices and baking things as well as canned goods.

A little bit of reorganisation makes this cupboard lots better. Extra supplies are all kept at the back and often used items being moved to the front.

There ended up being a lot of rubbish in this cupboard. Once it was all cleaned out and items relocated, this cupboard became a lot less cluttered.


It was time to put the baby bottles away into storage, which freed up a lot of space in this cupboard also.

Touching up the paint and rearranging the shelves with some christmas gifts, has freshened up these shelves nicely.

This drawer still holds a lot of stuff but it is much more organised now. Lunch boxes and containers on the left and snack or smaller containers on the right.

I think that the open shelves are my favourite transformation. All of these spaces are still looking exactly the same three weeks later. Hopefully that means that it will stay organised for the long term.

The final space that I have to share is part of our study. This is my husband’s side and I am sharing it with permission of course. He works in IT but he also enjoys fixing and tinkering with tech at home. He likes to have things that can help him to fix or improve tech on hand. He also gets asked to “take a look at” lots of peoples tech quite often, so space for that and current projects is also important. This area was mostly my husband’s doing. I stepped into to help with some practical storage solutions towards the end and thats all really. He threw out so much stuff and I am I really proud of how good the space still looks three weeks later. As per above I shall show the before and after side by side, left and right.

Drawers of various sizes really helped to organise this space. There is also a WIP (work in progress) tub for him to place anything that is currently being fixed.

That concludes this round of the alice and meeka declutter it challenge. I am always excited by decluttering but I think that I dragged the content out with this one a little too long. I am going to take a look at how I approach any future declutter it challenges. I might make them span a week or share all my content in a smaller span of time. Lots of think about.

So tell me, did you play along a little? Tell me about the stuff you threw out? Have you been able to maintain your newly decluttered spaces? Lets chat in the comments or over on Facebook.


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