january shop update: alice + meeka madeit

The shop is officially open again!

It has been so lovely to have a little bit of time off and relax with my family and friends the past few weeks. Down time great increases my productivity and creativity. I am certainly planning on scheduling in lots more down time in this year for sure.


So are you ready to see some fun products from the shop and hear about how you might use them?  Lets jump in!

First up is a brand new original and handmade product rage. Gorgeous mixed media wall hangings. Friends I laboured over these for so very long. I wanted this first small batch to be totally unique and the perfect mixes of colours, textures and styles. I am so happy with how these turned out.


Each wall hanging is one of a kind and will not be remade to sell again. When you purchase your wall hanging you will have an original item that no one else has. So if there is one that has caught your attention run dont walk to the shop to make it yours.

They measure approximately 18cm wide and feature staggered hoops, mixed wool and cotton fibres as well as other decorative elements. It has been so much fun collecting items and ideas for these wall hangings. I can’t wait to make some more.


Our next brand new product is our balloon balls. If your kids are anything like mine they will love having a balloon to kick, throw and hit about. Having a balloon ball means that small children will be safe from popped balloons. Each balloon ball can be reused over and over and over again, simply place a deflated balloon inside the opening and then blow up the balloon until the ball is filled and round. Tie off the balloon and you have lots of fun just waiting to be had.


Also new to the store are our fold away reuseable shopping bags. These sweet little packages fold up small to fit in your handbag and then fold out into a simple fabric bag that it perfect for a few items from the shops. Don’t get caught out again without your reusable bag.


Still in stock are our popular library bags. These bags feature an internal pocket with ribbon that is perfect for keeping a library card attached and safe. Each bag is made with a simple calico front and a feature fabric back. As a part of your purchase, your bag can be customised with a sweet letter initial on the front. This is usually in a complementary fabric that coordinates with the back fabric. Double ribbon exclosure ensures that the bag closes snuggly as well as some lovely beads as the perfect finishing touch.

Inside Pocket + ribbon for card

Our featured felt dinosaur 3D toys are a fun take anywhere toy for the kids.

Felt dinosaurs

We still have in stock a range of adults and childrens headbands in gorgeous summer prints.


Our trio of busy bags can be used for a range of things both in the home and whilst you are out and about. A set can help to keep travel items tidy, to fill with activities for the kids on a long trip or to organised smaller pieces and keep everything together.



I hope you see something that you have fallen in love with. Head on over now to the shop and grab something special today.

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